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Who says basketball necessarily says PEAK SPORTS. 

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Who says basketball necessarily says PEAK SPORTS. Indeed, just like the dunks, the three points and the cross-overs, Our brand is an integral part of this sport. 
The technologies that are incorporated in this shoe are: 
P-BOOM: Keeping it 
True keystone of the shoe, this technology ensures a perfect fit. Located at the level of the foot arch, this unit stabilizes your movements during practice. 
GRADIENT DUAL: Cushioning 
PEAK's GRADIENT DUAL technology consists of modules of different densities at the front and back of the foot. These provide better cushioning and rebound of the shoe. 
TPU: Stability
Foot support and ankle stability are provided by a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) insert on the back of the shoe. 
PEAK SURFACE: Breathability. 
The use and assembly of innovative materials offer practitioners maximum comfort and ventilation of the foot. 
EXTERIOR SOLE: Non-marking, Non-slip and Wear- 
Resistant Wear- resistant and slip-resistant, the sole is designed to meet all the requirements of the practitioner.

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